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Kim Kardashian's India Trip Called Off Amid 'visa Issues'

My perfume world tour begins for my new fragrance Fleur Fatale! Next stop http://dunnvbdg.skyrock.com/3237321913-Kim-Kardashian-Arrives-In-Australia-To-Promote-Her-New-Perfume.html India then Dubai! All in 1 week! she tweeted http://cielirolo.blogs.experienceproject.com on Monday. Big Boss, currently in its eighth season, has had falling ratings this year. Kardashians visit had been much hyped by the Indian media. She was reported to be paid more than $800,000 for the stint, in which she would don a traditional sari.
Source: http://time.com/3598934/kim-kardashian-big-brother-big-boss-india-visa-canceled/

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