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Hollywood Pro Ben Silverman: "what's Incredible About Netflix Is Its Global Ambition" - Nasdaq.com

Today, Netflix serves more than 50 million subscribers across the Americas and a generous slice of western Europe. There's a great big world out there left unexploited. The quicker, the better. Netflix CEO http://renderovuc.livejournal.com Reed Hastings has plainly stated his ambition to blanket the world in Netflix services. "We hope to be fully global, everywhere in the world, including China," Hastings images of kim kardashian said to a reporter from The Telegraph in October. If and when that happens, Silverman gets his ideal distribution platform. see page
Source: http://www.nasdaq.com/article/hollywood-pro-ben-silverman-whats-incredible-about-netflix-is-its-global-ambition-cm427615

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